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XBIZ World, the only trade publication dedicated to the online adult entertainment industry, delivers the most timely coverage of the online/technology, mobile and ancillary sectors.

For advertisers looking to reach a qualified and engaged audience of online industry professionals, XBIZ World™ offers the most effective and competitively priced marketing campaigns available.
XBIZ Premiere, the only free trade publication dedicated to the adult retail marketplace, provides manufacturers of adult videos and novelty products and the retailers who sell their products, with the most timely news, resources and information essential to operating their businesses.

True to the mission of XBIZ.com and XBIZ World, XBIZ Premiere provides the most trusted and timely business information delivered to industry subscribers around the world.

Advertising options
Leverage the strength of our relationship with readers in your target market. XBIZ World, and Premiere are headset printed on 60-pound gloss virgin paper, with a trim size of 9.625" x 14". Both monthly publicatios have process color on all pages and are stitched and trimmed.
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Junior Page Vertical Half Page Full Column Quarter Page
Half Column Full Horizontal Strip Half Page 1/8 Page
2257 Guidelines

XBIZ does not publish hardcore, extreme, or sexually explicit advertisements. To ensure compliance with our requirements please use the following guidelines:

  • No full frontal nudity
  • No lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person
  • No masturbation
  • No extreme hardcore content (including sadistic or masochistic abuse)
  • No depiction of sexual intercourse (oral-genital, anal-genital, oral-anal, or genital-genital) between persons of the same or opposite sex

Should you have any questions regarding our advertising standards please be in touch with your advertising representative.

We reserve artistic discretion over any advertisement that does not comply with these guidelines.

Creative Deadlines
Issue Month XBIZ World XBIZ Premiere
January Issue December 10 December 10
February Issue January 10 January 10
March Issue February 10 February 10
April Issue March 10 March 10
May Issue April 10 April 10
June Issue May 10 May 10
July Issue June 10 June 10
August Issue July 10 July 10
September Issue August 10 August 10
October Issue September 10 September 10
November Issue October 10 October 10
December Issue November 10 November 10

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